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Circle Of Execution pack containing the first two albums and a CoE merch' so you can boast that YOU knew the band before they changed their name




1. Opening
2. The Doubt Remains
3. Failure
4. Stay Alone
5. Not A Game
6. Mask Of Lies
7. Versatile
8. Choices 
9. Live With It 
10. Look At Yourself



1. The Only Solution
2. The Mirror's Eyes
3. Waiting For Death
4. Not Your Slave
5. Judgment
6. Biological Robot
7. Ironic Naivety
8. Freedom Comes
9. Your Turn
10. See The Devil
11. Abstract Way



_Le Lapin Blanc Exclusive_

Pack CoE

35,00 CHFPrix
  • Retour et remboursement possible dans les quinzes jours après la réception.
    Nous nous réservons le droit de ne pas accepter un retour ou un remboursement si l'article retourné a été endommagé.

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